User Agreement

All research carried out on Pod must adhere to the current NSF guidelines for intellectual property and the dissemination and sharing of research results. Interested parties may read the full details at:

Most users  only have to remember to do the following. (Failure to follow these two rules may result in the suspension of user accounts for the offending labs.)

1) Promptly prepare and submit for publication all significant findings from work carried out on Pod and acknowledge NSF support in such publications in the following terms:

"Use was made of computational facilities purchased with funds from the National Science Foundation (CNS-1725797) and administered by the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC). The CSC is supported by the California NanoSystems Institute and the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC; NSF DMR 1720256) at UC Santa Barbara.”

2) Upon publication acceptance, send an email to that includes both the DOI number for the publication and a PDF/A (archival PDF) file of the “final accepted version” of the publication. Do not send a copy of the “version of record” obtained from the publisher website; these files may not comply with PDF/A standards and may be owned by the publisher under copyright law. Generate your own PDF/A from the version of the submitted manuscript that was accepted for publication and email that to us