Lumerical MODE and DEVICE

UCSB has a license for Lumerical's MODE and DEVICE software.

While not as simple to run on the cluster as FDTD, since it has a pre-written script, it's still pretty easy to use especially for when you need to run a lot of jobs at once.  It will also automatically run the jobs in parallel (on as many cores as are in the system, e.g. 12 or 24, depending on the cluster.


You'll need some slight modifications to your lsf file

For an graphs that print out, you won't be able to see them, so the line after the "plot" command put a


which will just save you a jpeg of the plot.

At the end of the LSF file, put a


which will create a 'my-run.lsf' file that you can read back in to look at the results.

To run in the queue, create a job file that looks like this.


submit the job with 'qsub my-job.job', and you can monitor it with 'qstat -u $USER'