Lumerical Software Site License

UCSB has a site license for the Lumerical suite of software, paid for by a combination of a number of research groups who use the software and the CSC.

The software is available to anyone at UCSB - just e-mail Paul Weakliem for the link to the softare and license file information. 

We have a mailing list for local Lumerical usage, most of the traffic would be on license server issues, etc., but you're also welcome to use it to find other UCSB Lumerical users to tackle technical problems with.  Sign up at with your UCSB e-mail address.

We have 100 community technical support seats (i.e. you can access their technical docs, etc.) - just register at with your UCSB e-mail address.

We can have three Premium Support contacts, who can talk directly to technical support at Lumerical when you have a particularly sticky problem.  If you need to contact Lumerical, you'll need to do it through one of them.

Currently, our premium support contacts are: 

Pavel Shapturenka (Denbaars group)

Yuan Liu (Klamkin group)