Fall 2018 Workshops

CSC will be presenting a set of courses on research computing topics during the fall quarter.  Come to any which of are interest to you - although RSVP so we're sure to have enough seating and food!  Each seminar will be 45-60 minutes on a topic, followed by pizza lunch where you'll have a chance to follow up with CSC staff, and other attendees.

All seminars are in Elings 1601 followed by lunch. View the schedule and register here. Slides and Recordings also posted here.


About the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC)

UCSB Center for Scientific Computing at CNSI was formed to promote the effective use of High Performance Computing in the research environment. The CSC already provides a broad range of resources for campus researchers, and we are expanding the available hardware with a recent NSF/MRI funded system. Beyond simply providing the computing resources themselves, part of our mission is to provide training in the best use of computing resources; whether they are at UCSB, or beyond. The CSC sponsors classes, tutorials, and individual training in general Unix/Linux, compiling, and optimization of codes. The CSC also actively engages IT staff at research units across campus so that researchers can get help from their local IT staff, who often understand best what they need to do their projects.

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