Research Computing Classes (via Zoom!) March-June 2020

Thursday, March 19, 2020

We're starting our series of computing courses, this time only through Zoom!  More info (and meeting passwords) sent via e-mail

Monday Mar 30, 2pm.  An intro to linux and HPC

Thurs  Apr 3'rd, 10am.  An intro to Linux and HPC  (repeat of the talk if this time is more convenient than Monday)

Upcoming in April (zoom links will come via e-mail, or contact Paul or Fuz):

Friday April 24'th, 1pm Gaussian for ab initio Chemistry calculations (Kelly Peterson)

Friday May 1'st.  1pm Ansys, engineering simulation and 3D design software (Alex Potts)

Wed May 6'th, 2pm.   Nautlius/Pacific Research Platform, GPU Computing with Kubernetes (Paul Weakliem)

Additional Upcoming (time/date TBD):

Using VASP 

Using Lumerical