CSC Fall Quarter Seminar Series

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

CSC will be presenting a set of courses on research computing topics during the fall quarter.  Come to any which of are interest to you - although RSVP so we're sure to have enough seating and food!  Each seminar will be 45-60 minutes on a topic, followed by pizza lunch where you'll have a chance to follow up with CSC staff, and other attendees.

We're going to try to make the workshops more hands on this year, so bring your laptop, and bear with us as we get this going!

All seminars are in Elings 1601 (map) followed by lunch unless otherwise noted.

Note that several of them are offered twice - they are the same content, just offered at different times for your convenience.  So only sign up for the one you want to attend, not both. Presentation slides and Video recordings of the sessions may be made available and will be listed below.


Wed Oct 10, 11:30am - Basic Linux and HPC (Paul W) (Slides) (Video)

Thurs Oct 11, 11:30am - Basic Linux and HPC (Paul W)

Tues Oct 16, 11:30am  - R for Scientific and Data Intensive Computing (Sharon) (Slides) (Video)

Wed.  Oct 23, 11:30am - Python for Scientific Computing  (Sharon)  (Slides)

Tues.  Oct 24, 11:30am - Python for Scientific Computing  (Sharon) (Slides) (Video)

Thurs Nov 1, 11:30am - Software Containers with Singularity (Fuz) (Class Page) (Slides)

Tues. Nov 6, 11:30am - MATLAB (Sharon) (Slides) (Video)

Thurs. Nov 8, 11:30am - Elings 1605 - Intro to R (sponsored by the Women in Technology Initiative) (Sharon) - (Slides)

Friday Nov 16, 11:30am -Amazon Web Services (AWS staff) (Class Page) (Slides)

Wed Nov 28, 11:30am (Elings 1601)   Ansys Engineering Software (Alex Potts)  - (Slides) (Example File)



Potential additional seminars in November/December, still to be scheduled. Additional workshops may be offered during Winter Quarter.

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