Using Graphics on the Clusters


If you want to use graphical programs on the cluster head nodes for viewing data, editing, etc. you have a few choices.

You can use the 'UC Grid Portal' and click the Interactive Tab, and open a session.  This all done from a browser, so if you're visiting somebody or borrowing a computer, you can do this without installing any software!

If you are at your own computer, there are several other options.  If your computer is a:

  • Linux, simply 'ssh -Y -l username"  with whatever hostname and username are appropriate.  This will send X11 graphics back to your workstation.
  • Mac.  Install the X11software, if it's not already installed (it's on the optional software disks).  Then start the X11 program, and you'll get a regular command line window.  Type in the 'ssh -Y -l username' as you do for Linux, and the graphics will automaticaly display within the X11 software
  • Windows.  Use the NoMachine NX software.