Working remotely during the partial shutdown

We've collected the links of how to do some work on the clusters if you're working remotely during the partial shutdown.

The old quickstart guide, although somewhat outdated, is a good place to start quickly.

There's a short list of what you need to do.

1)  Connect to the cluster's login node.  If you don't need a graphical interface, Putty works well (or, for Mac users, the already installed 'terminal' program - in Applications/Utilities). 

For graphical packages, for the Mac, install 'xquartz' and then from the terminal use 'ssh -X'.  For Windows, use Putty, and xming .  

2) Move files to and from the cluster.  Google drive is a good place to move things around if you're working at campus, home, the cluster, you name it.  Otherwise if you're just doing from your desktop and the cluster, things like sftp work well.

3) Run jobs.

On Knot

On pod


We'll add to this, and are trying to update our docs as quick as we can!!

We'll do an intro to HPC/Linux on Thursday, via Zoom, (you'll need to login with your UCSB NetID)