HP Intel (braid)

Allowed Users



Highly Parallel (MPI jobs of 10's of cores, e.g. 48 core)


Infiniband based Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge/Broadwell condo cluster.  PI's buy nodes to participate

Technical Details

Nodes Number of Cores Memory (GB) PBS attribute notes
1-28, 101-116 12 64 v1  
29-48, 128-137 20 128 v2  
51-52, 56-61,138-153 24 128 v3  
201-206   16 gpunode M2050 GPUs
117-127   64 gpunode M2075 GPUs
53-55   128 gpunode K80 GPUs

Attributes are used to specify a node, e.g. to request a node with 'v2' attributes,

#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=10:v2

note that sometimes asking for a certain ppn will restrict it already, e.g. ppn=24 will only run on v3 type nodes as only they have enough cores to meet that requirement.