Knot Cluster (knot)

Allowed Users



Highly Parallel (MPI jobs of 10's of cores, e.g. 48 core)


This is a campus-available cluster.  For assistance in using it, see the Associated Staff page for a local IT Staff member who can help you use it.  Request an account HERE .

If you publish papers, or give talks, on research that used this system, please acknowledge us as described on the Publications page!

Technical Details

Knot consists a number of systems to serve different computational needs:

[note that as the system gets older some of the nodes may be temporarily, or permanently offline.  We try to keep this list somewhat up to date though]

  • 112 SL390 nodes of dual Intel X5650 six core processors, with 48GB and Infiniband Interconnect.
  • Three  DL580 nodes with 4 Intel X7550 eight core processors and 1TB of RAM.
  • One DL580 nodes with 4 Intel X7550 eight core processors and 768GB of RAM.
  • 10 NVIDIA M2050 GPUs in SL390 nodes with X5650 six core processors
  • 9 Intel Xeon Phi (31S1P - Knight's Corner) coprocessors
  • 80 TB of usable high performance storage
  • Login node
  • Test node for debugging and development work