Seminars & Workshops

CSC hosts occasional seminars and workshops. Below, you can find links to the materials presented in these events. If you would like to be notified of our future workshops, please sign up for our workshop mailing list here

The Library also hosts free introductory coding workshops every quarter.

Winter/Spring 2020 Workshops (schedule, descriptions)


  • .  TBA Nautlius/Pacific Research Platform, GPU Computing with Kubernetes 

Winter/Spring 2019 Workshops (schedule, descriptions)

  • Intro to R (Center for Black Studies Research) - (slides)
  • Introduction to rmarkdown (National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) - (slides) (github repo)
  • Software Carpentry Workshop (Library) - (class pages)
  • EcoDataScience workshop (NCEAS, Collaboratory) - (slides)
  • Machine Learning with AWS Sagemaker - (class page)

Fall 2018 Workshops

Spring 2018 Workshop

Fall 2017 Workshops

Fall 2016 Workshops

  • Using VASP (Nov 29, 2016) (slides)
  • Using Matlab on clusters(Nov 17, 2016) (slides, exercises)
  • Using R on clusters (Nov 2, 2016) (slides, exercises)
  • Basic Linux and HPC on CSC and XSEDE clusters (Seminars of Oct 11 and Oct 21, 2016) (slides, exercises)
  • Computing resources at UCSB (Oct 2015) (slides)
  • Big Data methods workshop (Feb 2016) (github repo containing the presented material)
  • Big Data methods workshop (May 2017) (github repo containing the presented material)

Below are some of the materials that are presented in classes that CSC supports

  • A very quick introduction to CUDA (slides
  • Introduction to the Triton Shared Compute Cluster (TSCC) (slides)