Seminars & Workshops

CSC hosts occasional seminars and workshops. Below, you can find links to the materials presented in these events.

Fall 2018 Workshops - Click Here

  • Basic Linux and HPC (Slides) (Video)
  • R for Scientific and Data Intensive Computing (Slides) (Video)
  • Python for Scientific Computing (Slides) (Video)
  • Software Containers with Singularity (Slides)
  • Intro to MATLAB (Slides) (Video)
  • Intro to R - Women in Tech (Slides)
  • Intro to AWS
  • Ansys

Spring 2018 Workshop - Click Here

Fall 2017 Workshops - Click Here

Fall 2016 Workshops - Click Here

  • Using VASP (Nov 29, 2016) (slides)
  • Using Matlab on clusters(Nov 17, 2016) (slides, exercises)
  • Using R on clusters (Nov 2, 2016) (slides, exercises)
  • Basic Linux and HPC on CSC and XSEDE clusters (Seminars of Oct 11 and Oct 21, 2016) (slides, exercises)
  • Computing resources at UCSB (Oct 2015) (slides)
  • Big Data methods workshop (Feb 2016) (github repo containing the presented material)
  • Big Data methods workshop (May 2017) (github repo containing the presented material)

Below are some of the materials that are presented in classes that CSC supports

  • A very quick introduction to CUDA (slides
  • Introduction to the Triton Shared Compute Cluster (TSCC) (slides)